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Recruitment consultancy Medical and Healthcare

As we are enjoying increased life expectancy and better access to patient care, axelyo is taking up the challenge of providing real added value in the medical sector. axelyo has a wide range of skills and expertise for healthcare providers. We have specific expertise in the Medical and Healthcare sector and perform Direct Approach searches for experts in the following fields, both in France and abroad.

We operate in three sectors

  • Healthcare facilities: (surgical and obstetric clinics, hospitals, university teaching hospitals, cancer centres, aftercare and rehabilitation, psychiatry etc.
  • Social health and medical facilities: nursing homes, the elderly, home care and support services, disabled services, shelters, specialist care centres for adults and children with physical, mental, social or psychological health issues etc.
  • Pharmaceutical industries: drug and medical device manufacturers, biotechs(medical devices/equipment, hospital hygiene, sterilisation, laboratory instruments, antibodies, implantable medical devices, diagnosis, etc.)

Examples of recruitment assignments:

  • Board members (MD/Operations Director, Site Director, Quality, Procurement, Administration & Finance Director, HRD etc.)
  • Specialists (Surgeons, Doctors, Pharmacists)
  • Healthcare executives (IT Director, Operating Theatre Director etc.)
  • Profiles of scientific and technical experts (Managing Pharmacist, Scientific Director, Production Director, Marketing Director, R&D, Regulatory Affairs, Bio-production, Product line manager, Analytical Chemistry, Medical Device Vigilance, Process Engineering etc.)
  • Support functions (such as Marketing, Quality and Finance)
  • Sales & Marketing positions (Hospital representatives, Sales engineers etc.) with specialist knowledge of cleanroom environments, operating theatres, recovery rooms, intensive care, sterilisation etc.

Your contact: Ghislaine VIDARD

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