Transformation of the Human Wealth for more growth

Transformation of the Human Wealth for more growth

1. Identify the golden talents of your collaborators.

How ? By giving them the possibility of knowing better their ways of thinking, their progresses and their oppositions or complementarities from mypandoratest®. This test is the very first personality test in High Definition built from the neuroscience.


It allows to better understand the unique reference table by which shows itself, in our life, our deepest internal truth. From there we can better seize our own channels of information and communication, then to identify how to be more successful individually and collectively.


It promotes well-being at work, fluidification of communication, decompartmentalization of services, conflict resolution, internal mobility or redeployment. It also allows to avoid errors in appointments or strategic hires, it helps in the development and in the fulfillment of leaders or executives, and also to better understand the mechanisms of innovation … In short, it is a little “Swiss army knife” of self-knowledge and others making very objective that everyone thinks of being totally subjective.


2. Develop collective intelligence of your teams.

After self-knowledge, the second biggest challenge is to really get people working together, with trust, in harmony, with respect for their differences instead of their frequent sterile oppositions. We turned a concept into a tool by creating the very first virtual mapping of talents of your teams: the « Collective Master Mind », ie how to turn a pyramidal rake in a virtuous and benevolent circle!

3. Learn to innovate more, better and above all otherwise.

The agility and creativity can not be decreed! But they may be developped; and again, how? We worked out rapid techniques to learn how to transform yourself from the inside, to have a broader openness to be more creative and innovate otherwise. Thanks to Henri Poincaré’s mathematical invention method revisited and applied to innovations for companies, whether products, services, in ways of working or others, your teams will go further than your competition.

4. Follow the application of the new projects and their implementation

according to your demands for better performances.

Your contacts : Eric Bothier and Frédéric Chomel